NEW: Ultra marathon Pace Calculator

An online pace calculator for ultra marathons that tells you required walking and running paces to hit your target time.

If you are running your first Ultra Marathon you are likely to be thinking about a run / walk strategy. This is a very efficient way of maintaining a high average pace for a long time.  This ultra pace calculator will enable you to plan your pacing strategy. 

This pace calculator may help you to decide what pace you will need to run at, and for how long in order to meet your target time. It will take into account

  • Race Distance
  • Target Time
  • Number of Checkpoints / Aid Stations
  • How long you plan to stay at each station
  • How long you plan to run for before a walk break
  • How long your walk breaks will be
  • How fast you walk
  • Whether you start with a walk, or a run.

It can also work in reverse and tell you how fast you need to walk, if you are confident of maintaining a steady running pace.

I also have another calculator which will predict your time if you are unsure of your pacing strategy. Click to use my online ultra marathon  run / walk time calculator.

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